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Monday Noise Experiement

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Here’s a snippet of my song “Tonight,”

Watch the full video of 3 new songs & get to understand the concept behind pureGRASS here,


-Watch in HD.

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Buarque’s Journal by Filipe Donatti

Just recently, I appeared in a film.

Watch the full video here,

In this short silent film, I appear as the main character Valmor.

It was a great experience. The filmmaker (Filipe Donatti) has great potential, and it is clear this is his passion.

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@TheBeatPresents, #pureGRASS.

This is my song “Same Thing.”
The full video is on my website.


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Stephen Campbell Design


Stephen Campbell Design


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It’s all available for your consumption at,


This song is called Tonight.

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@_CrystalWilliams sent some footage over from last night. It was a beautiful moment I got to share last night with friends, family & supporters of #pureGRASS. The room was filled with love. Go after your dreams.

Thank you all so much.
Thank you, @TheBoweryElectric Thank you, @JodiValentin.
Thank you, @Mon_Amee.
Thank you, @Jackie_Paladino.

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This Sunday, I will be performing at @TheBoweryElectric.

I would really love if you took the time to come.

It was great working with you on this animation @sansouciani. Thank you.

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